Rules & Regulations

A.   Competition Divisions

      1.       The competition is divided into four divisions:

Emerging Professional Division

Maximum age 25 years during 2023*

Advanced Division

Maximum age 19 years during 2023*


Intermediate Division

Maximum age 16 years during 2023*


Junior Division

Maximum age 13 years during 2023*

 *In future years, the date of eligibility will be set for June 1 of the year of the competition.

B.   Eligibility

1.     Competitors must hold current AHS-Utah Chapter membership.

2.     Competitors must pay the entry fee which must be paid by July 1 for an entry to be complete.

3.     All competitors must be at or below the maximum age for each division during the year 2023. 

(Note: Starting in 2024, the date for determining maximum age will move to June 1 of the competition year)


C.  The Program

1.     Contestants may perform the program in any order.

2.     All compositions must be performed by memory.

3.     All repeats are optional.


D.  Final Division Performances 

1.     Contestants will appear in a predetermined random order. The number or letter assigned will
                determine the performance order.

2.     Every contestant will be entitled to compete his/her performance of the program and will not be
                interrupted by the judges.

3.     The public is invited to attend the competition performances

4.     No applause or demonstrations of encouragement are allowed for any Division.

5.     Applause is allowed at the end of the final piece for each contestant.

6.     A contestant may only enter one Division.


E.   Judges

1.     A list of members of the jury will be given to contestants, upon request, following the Competition.

2.     Judges will confirm that they are not related to and have not taught any contestant within the
                previous 12 months.

3.     In the event of a tie, the judges will determine a winner by a discussion.

4.     The decision of the judges is final.


F.   Prizes 


G.  Application Procedure


H.  Logistics

1.     Travel expenses for the Competition are the contestant’s responsibility.

2.     Competitors are expected to bring their own harp to perform on.

3.     A Salvi or Lyon & Healy harp will be provided for each Competitor in each Division if you are unable to bring a harp. There is no for warm-up time with a harp provided by the UHC.