2023 Results

2023 Utah Harp Competition Results

Emerging Professional Division

1st Place and Utah Concert Artist: Monet Wilson

2nd Place: Annelise Hunter

Advanced Division

1st Place: Kaila Blodgett

2nd Place: Sariah Ashton

3rd Place: Whitney Jensen

Intermediate Division

1st Place (tie): Elizabeth Brubaker

1st Place (tie): Sonnet Wilson

3rd Place: Asia Eyre

Honorable Mention: Blithe Bigelow

Junior Division

1st Place: Eva Bush

2nd Place: Katerina Ellingson

3rd Place (tie): Lydia Darias

3rd Place (tie): Marianne Buck


Prizes for second and third prize include gift card contributions from our sponsors, Lyon & Healy and Summerhays Music. Amounts are all subject to change in the event of ties and changes to awarding of places.

Emerging Professional Division

First Prize—$200 + concert artist

Second Prize—$150

Third Prize—$100

Advanced Division

First Prize—$150

Second Prize—$125

Third Prize—$100

Intermediate Division

First Prize—$125

Second Prize—$100 

Third Prize—$75

Junior Division

First Prize—$100

Second Prize—$75

Third Prize—$50