Chapter Recognition Program

Chapter Recognition Program

The Utah Chapter of the American Harp Society focuses our efforts and activities around four core values:

In an effort to create a Chapter wide recognition program that is simple and applicable in various activities (even beyond our Student Festival), we are evolving the current Festival Recognition program into a broader Chapter Recognition Program that involves all members of our Chapter.  

This means that students can continue earning recognition as they participate in the Harp Community in college and beyond!

Student Harp Festival Update:

Beginning in 2024 (but considering participation in 2022 and 2023), Student Festival Participants will receive medals or ribbons and be invited to play in the Honors Recital based on the following criteria:

For example, a student can earn a medal (or medals) in the following scenarios:

As a student accumulates recognition throughout their entire Festival and Chapter experience, McGee’s Stamp and Trophy can take all earned medals/recognitions, and create a commemorative plaque for the student to keep throughout their lives.

Broader Membership Recognition

Other Ways to Be Recognized through the Chapter Recognition Program when nominated by teacher, colleague, or member of the community at large (nomination form on the website):

Learning Recognition

Growth Recognition

Achievement Recognition

Community Recognition