Required Repertoire List

Required Repertoire List (Updated August 2023)

Why new Repertoire list?

The Chapter Presidency noticed some interesting patterns when the analyzed several years of Festival Participation.  To address these patterns, they convened together with several teachers to create an updated Required Repertoire list.  The new list is meant to help accomplish the following:

Note: As these levels may put some students at a lower level (example: in 2023 the student participated at Level 8, but according to the next levels would participate at Level 6 in 2024).  This will not adversely impact their recognition goals.  Please place students at the appropriate level where they can perform to the best of their abilities.

The following list contains all of the required repertoire and a list of available for students at Festival.  Students must perform TWO (2) pieces, from memory.  One piece must be from this list and will determine student's "Level" for festival each year.  The Choice Piece can be any appropriate companion piece at approximately the same level.  Both pieces can be from the required list.  If the pieces are on two different levels, register for the lower of the two levels.

Teachers: Please help your students choose appropriate pieces that complement each other and help the student highlight the breadth of their skills and accomplishments in the past year.

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